No stupid scores. No snobbish slangs. No confusion. Wine is to share a nice conversation, travel to the past or distant places… After all, wine is fun.

3 of my favorite places. Worth to visit/taste!

Itata, Chile

“One of the most impressive terroirs in the world, inexplicably ignored by decades”

The steep slopes of the Itata’s Costal Range hid some of the best-kept secrets of Chilean viticulture. Their old Muscat of Alexandria (Uva Italia), Cinsault and País managed to survive and to make us fall in love and believe in new beginnings.

Roussillon, France

“Always despise by its aristocratic neighbors, today shines with an irreducible character”

Mountain vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on a pot of colorful soils of schist, quartz and marble. An amazing terroir for amazing rustic grapes like Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Macabeu.

Swartland, South Africa

“A new generation of wines paints a desert canvas with electric colors”

This dry-farmed area has regained its value and is now the epicenter of experimental projects with a clear statement: to produce wines from ungrafted Mediterranean varieties, without irrigation or intervention whatsoever.

All the newest articles in one place. To share, discuss and perhaps embrace.

How to Taste Like a Pro

How to Taste Like a Pro

Grow whiskers. It has worked for me (not recommended for women). Grap the glass with the thumb and index fingers (from the same...

10 Worst Pairings Ever

10 Worst Pairings Ever

I've tasted all these wonders at events and restaurants, causing me bewilderment, nausea, and a couple of diabetic commas. ...

We believe in tolerance and enjoy all kind of wines: red, white, pink or orange.

Fasoli Gino Borgoletto 2020

Fasoli Gino Borgoletto 2020

There is a lot of life outside the Chardonnay queendom especially for the ABCs (Anything But Chardonnay). This Borgoletto 2020...

Do you wanna get funky? Check out these wine pairings.

Magret de canard + Pinot noir

Ooh la la, the magret de canard is one of my specialties. It's sublime and succulent fast food. First, I score the skin of breast to increase the surface of the fat. Salt and pepper. Don't be shy! Then I seal it on a cold pan. The crunchy skin is porny. And I finish...

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Pierogi ruskie + Pinot grigio

It's an up and going day, so let's swallow some carbs to fuel the brain: Pierogi ruskie (filled with potato, cheese, onion, salt, and pepper.) We could go for a light red to match the fried onions and pepper. Not a bad idea. But today I want to go deeper and add the...

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12th Bangkok Wine Tasting & Chile Wine Trade Show

We are extremely proud of our masterclass and trade show in Thailand. Chilean wines and especially the stories behind them were highlighted. Lots of interest and questions from the representatives of the trade and association of sommeliers. Really great feedback. Led...

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