Fasoli Gino Borgoletto 2020

by | 24 Oct, 2021

There is a lot of life outside the Chardonnay queendom especially for the ABCs (Anything But Chardonnay). This Borgoletto 2020 from Soave is savory and crispy, creamy and firm, and deliciously dry (less than one gram of sugar per liter.) It offers citric, honeydew and wet stone aromas, as well as a finish where the almonds crunch wisely.

Congrats to the Fasoli Gino winey, heirs of a story that began in 1912, when Amadio Fasoli cultivated the first vines in Illasi valley, east of Verona. His son Gino continued the legacy and led the conversion to organic viticulture, suffering from allergies caused by agrochemicals. Today the third generation deepens the relationship with its origin and projects it with new vigor.   



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