Wine & Love

by | 16 Mar, 2023

I asked my buddy ChatGPT to write a poem about wine & love in Antonio Machado’s style. This is the income. Cheesy, yep, but not bad at all.   

In the vineyard’s golden hour,

When the grapes hang heavy on the vine,

And the air is rich with their sweet power,

I think of love, and how it’s mine.

For love is like the finest wine,

That mellows with each passing year,

And grows more rich, more pure, more fine,

As time and age draw near.

And like the vintner tends his vines,

So must we tend our hearts with care,

To make our love the sweetest wine,

That we can ever hope to share.

So let us raise a glass tonight,

To love, to wine, to all that’s right,

And may our hearts forever be,

The vineyards of sweet destiny.





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