How to Taste Like a Pro

by | 3 Mar, 2021

  • Grow whiskers. It has worked for me (not recommended for women).
  • Grap the glass with the thumb and index fingers (from the same hand) by the stem or, if you are champion, from the base. Never by the chalice, because you will stamp your fingerprints (very dangerous these days) and change the temperature of the wine.
  • Exercise by rotating the glass to release the aromas of the wine. I recommend, first, on a flat surface, and then, with more practice, in the air. You have to let go your wrist like a teenager.
  • Learn to spit the wine so you don’t get drunk. I recommend you to watch the football players. Their spitting technique is very refined.
  • Make a smart face and try not to open your mouth too wide. Only to drink the wine. If someone ask you something, just answer “interesting how the wine reflects its origin.” In other words, say nothing.




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