Launching of Vinos con Cuento 2019

by | 12 Feb, 2019

More than 100 people gathered for the launch of the fourth edition of the popular Chilean wine guide, sharing an exhibition with the best illustrations of the publication and a selection of the most outstanding wines. 

At La Bodeguita de Miguel Torres in Santiago, winemakers, sommeliers, traders and wine lovers celebrated the launch of Vinos con Cuento 2019, the successful guide of Chilean journalist Eduardo Brethauer, who blends wine, art and humor.

With the nose always in the glass, but a leg on the couch, the journalist returns to psychoanalyze a Chilean scene full of new wines and varieties that today fight on the shelves. He amazes with hippie wines, gets hot with the lustful and lets loose tears of emotion with the aristocratic ones.

With a selection of 304 wines with stories and pairings with dishes, records, films, series, documentaries and books, this publication breaks the molds, splashing the circumspect world of wine with notes full of humor, irony and self-confidence.

According to Brethauer, there is “a short circuit and a great debt between the wineries and wine communicators with the Chileans. The language is too technical, elitist and even snobbish. The consumption of wine in our country is only 14 liters per person per year. It is a shame for the fourth exporter of wines in the world. I always say this: we are a wine producing country, but not a wine country.”

“I want to talk to consumers one on one, in their own language, not as a critic who speaks from the pulpit to a group of ‘ignorant’ or ‘unbelievers’. I want to bring wine to people, enjoy it, make it part of their life. Many forget that the ultimate purpose of wine is to have fun, share a good time with your partner, with your friends, with your family. You have to take it with more humor”, adds the author.




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