Magret de canard + Pinot noir

by | 22 Oct, 2021

Ooh la la, the magret de canard is one of my specialties. It’s sublime and succulent fast food. First, I score the skin of breast to increase the surface of the fat. Salt and pepper. Don’t be shy! Then I seal it on a cold pan. The crunchy skin is porny. And I finish it in the oven. Not more than 8 minutes at 200 degrees. Ah, don’t forget to rest the piece before performing your magical slices. 

I usually cook golden potatoes with the duck fat remaining on the pan. But this time I prepared some Polish dumplings and a cherry sauce to amuse our pandemic palate.

No doubts about the pairing. Nothing but Pinot noir. A juicy, elegant, and deep Bourgogne. Classic is classics. Without discussion.  




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