Wine and Live Art

by | 22 Oct, 2018

With great public attendance, Vinart + Vinos con Cuento culminated in Patio Bellavista, Santiago, where outstanding wineries and artists gathered us with their wines, painted barrels and sculptures.

Artworks of renowed painters; wines from different valleys and styles, coming from rainfed zones, high-altitude vineyards and rare strains, such as Chenin Blanc, San Francisco, Torontel, Carignan, Sémillon and País; music, lights and lot of surprises. So it was the fair Vinart + Vinos con Cuento, which brought together a thousand people in the main square and the amphitheater of Patio Bellavista in Santiago, demonstrating the power of the blend between art and wine.

“From art we extract its high content of symbolic value, associated with innovation and style, and from the vineyards we seek to project its high identity component of the country image,” explains Marcelo Soto, general producer of the exhibition.

The attendees could go through a real barrel labyrinth, with artistic proposals that go through all the techniques and visions, but also approach the stands and taste many labels that represent wines from small and innovative producers, who are not part of the network of large distributors.

The journalist Eduardo Brethauer, author of the popular guide Vinos con Cuento, chose the participating wineries with tweezers. “The objective was to bring these tremendous wines to a super-broad audience, organizing a great citizen party. And it was a complete success. The attendees were happy because they could feel the enormous work of vintners and artists of extraordinary quality,” he says.

Each winery chose an artist to intervene its barrel:

  • María Francisca Lohmann + Viñedos Puertas and Viña Casa Sur
  • José María Ibáñez + Garage Wine Co
  • Paula Guerra + Las Veletas
  • Nicole Reiss + La Ronciere 
  • Karin Barrera + Viña Magyar 
  • Gonzalo Espinoza + Espaldares del Maipo 
  • Pamela Awad + Viña La Rosa
  • Hernán Paravic + Lugarejo and VIK
  • Alejandro Ortiz + El Escorial
  • Alejandro Silva + Cerveza Fahrenheit
  • Macarena Matte + Maturana Wines
  • Coto Chadid + Sensus



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